Mysteries & Myths

Son of Thord (Episode 54)

Badger’s Journal
Entry #1
I hate to try and rest down in this private dungeon, but it seems that Moonglum and Benus insist. We debated on where was the best location and finally settled on the chamber that we rescued Thord from. At least the rest was uneventful, if not somewhat tense. With that out of the way we could finally get back to trying to track down Thords son and the Earth Idol that we have been looking for. When we finally ventured down the hallway that headed south off of the room filled with the strange pools and treasure we ran into the underground river that cut through the hallway just as Thord described. The problem, as it turned out, was that after finally getting across the damned river I soon discovered that the hallway was nothing more than a dead end. Back to the pool room and try the hall to the north I guess.

Entry #2
After a small room full of smashed furniture and a ceiling made of mirrors this hall rounded the corner and headed a long way back to the south again. After at least 100 feet of hallway we then found a strange feature ahead. As we opened another normal enough looking door it opened into a wider hallway that had to have been 20 feet wide by 60 feet long. It wasn’t the portcullis in the middle of the hall or the minatours savaging gold plated armor that caught my attention, it was the set of double doors at the end of the hallway. They were ornately carved and a golden light emanated off of them as if the sun itself was within them. We made quick work of the bullmen and tentatively opened up the lighted doors to see what they would reveal beyond.

Entry #3
I have to admit, someone didn’t like the artwork that adorned these walls. The wide hallway continued and there were murals on the wall of what I assume were sun priests, children’s tales. However their heads had been drawn over with donkey heads. I have to admit, it was somewhat amusing. Not so amusing was when I entered to investigate a mutilated corpse. One second I was walking forward, the next it seemed that the very floor itself wrapped up around me. I struggled from within and could hear my companions, though muffled, battling the strange creature. Soon I was free. I continued on to again try and investigate the mutilated corpse only to have some strange creature fall from the ceiling and restrain me, nearly completely engulfing me within itself. Again I heard the muffled sounds of my companions doing battle and again I was soon free. It seems the mutilated corpse was simply the victim of the strange creature that fell upon me. Either I’m lucky or tougher than the last fellow. On to the next room I guess.



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