Mysteries & Myths

Lump's Despair (Episode #59)

Moonglum’s Journal
Entry #1
I’m not sure if the Foreverstone that we found and I now possess is affecting me somehow or something else is fraying my nerves. It could be that I haven’t had a chance to review my notes since we arrived at Daggorford. It could be that we seem to be one step behind someone or something in our search for these elemental type alters. Whatever it is, I am frustrated and easily annoyed as we continue our search through Mount Ilefarn for the key that was taken by Grit and Lump from the Ambergul tombs. Not to mention, now we are trying to find a fire key that is supposed to be hidden here as well. Thord was somewhat helpful getting us here but once we found his son Grit his preoccupation with his son seemed to overtake him. Our only other help in figuring out where this fire key may be had to be the oldest dwarf back in Daggorford. It was bad enough that the old blacksmith was so old I’m not sure that he knew what he was talking about. Sometimes it seemed more like riddles and bits and pieces of memory, but then he died in the middle of our conversation.

Entry #2
At least Thord’s directions were good to find Lump’s room. Badger scouted just ahead while I gave him directions. We didn’t need to use a light source. There was just enough light to move through the mountain complex from torches that were along the walls periodically. We passed most passages and doorways along our way, following the route Thord gave us. We only checked out a few things. One short hallway stopped with some strange safe, seemingly built right into the wall of the mountain with no visible mechanisms except some sort of coin slot. Puzzling. Aside from that some sleeping quarters filled with noisy, messy orcs, dwarves and dworc children. I’m really not sure what race they were, they were too dirty and we moved on.

Entry #3
The intelligence level of Lump, or lack there of, is astounding. Let me clarify that, was astounding. Hearing loud sobbing coming from where we expected his room to be I burst in. I wish I hadn’t. The big lout was bathing and crying in a makeshift tub, apparently the rat that was turned to stone back in the Amburgul crypts was his pet. I attempted to trick the bastard with a minor illusion of his pet rat. All that produced was him getting out of the tub and after a few uncomfortable moments charging us. I’m not sure what was bigger, the club he grabbed or his grotesque manhood that we were forced to see swing at us as well. After subduing him, we were going to try interrogating him but apparently all the commotion caught the attention of some orcs nearby. I hid us with a spell of invisibility and then I just watched the rest unfold. I couldn’t believe how many orcs kept coming in the room and looking around dumfounded. Eventually Badger left the sphere of invisibility I had conjured and began killing the orcs so that they couldn’t bring the whole mountain full of them down on us. Alacry began killing them as well after she summoned spikey plant tendrils that entangled most of them. At one point I think I threw a rock at one of them, but for the most part I simply watched my companions slaughter them and wondered how I ended up in this damned mountain full of loathingly stupid creatures. With all our adversaries dead we will now have to decide how to proceed.



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