Badger Grey

A short & stocky man wearing plate armor, and carrying a shield covered in large black scales. And what looks to be a simple bastard sword in the opposite hand.


AC: 21
HP: 74
LV: 7 Fighter / Warrior

Str 18
Dex 14
Con 18
Int 15
Wis 15
Cha 13

Very short and stocky. Often mistaken for a tall dwarf. 5’2" 245#
+1 Bastard sword “Durgadin’s Blade”
Masterwork platemail. Black dragon scale shield


Was born the son of a Jake’s digger and grew up with a shovel in hand. After his father died when a wall collapsed on him, Badger joined the army and excelled as a Sapper. None could dig as fast. Nor for as long. Badger lives a simple life. A good fight, a shovel in hand and an ale (cold or warm, doesn’t matter) some tales at the tavern and life is good.

After returning home from his military service Badger found himself itching for some kind
of action. He was running out of tales to tell at the tavern. One can’t keep telling the
same ones over and over. That’s just bad form. Then one night his friend, Crag Blackhand, did not show up at the Saucy Mermaid. Badger found that very queer. He thought he would have to look into that. Little did Badger know the tales he would gather in those next days. Never did he imagine he would learn of the colorful history of the Grey family that his estranged father neglected to tell him. He wondered if his younger brother, Dorian, knew any
of that. He may have to try and find him if they live long enough.

Badger Grey

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