Mysteries & Myths

The Return (Episode 33)

Jacare’s Journal
Entry #1
After entering the dark mausoleum for a second time we once again came face to face with the Lich, Tyrus. Once again we quickly found ourselves engulfed in a poisonous cloud of gas and seperated from the three of our companions as the door to the chamber suddenly slammed shut. Thankfully we were able to force it open however, and soon the gas seeped into the hall beyond. The group was unable to reconnect for what seemed an eternity as no one seemed willing to risk its toxic effects. In desperation I charged up the short stairway to Tyrus’ chamber when something caught my attention in a nearby corner. It was a crystal ball of some sort? Mist hovered inside the strange globe, and a sudden feeling of danger flooded over me. The next thing I knew my flail could be heard smashing the vile object in to a million litte shards. I felt better that it was gone.

Entry #2
Then suddenly the Lich somehow managed to appear in the hall beyond, fire and lightning emanting from its boney fingers time and again. We fought back with all we had but once again nearly half of us were on death’s doorstep. Amazingly shortly thereafter all fell mysteriously quiet, and our undead nemesis seemed to have vanished!?

Entry #3
In the chamber we discovered another tome with a desicated tongue nailed to the cover. Benus seems to want to know what shattered. I have little to say, but finally I inform his of my recent destruction of the strange globe. He seems a little shocked, and informs me that Moonglum won’t be happy. Who the hell cares? It was a danger to us all.

Entry #4
After exiting the mausoleum we head back to the resistance headquarters when we spot two grey cloaked men stalking about, one upon a nearby roof and another around a nearby corner. We shout out for them to identify themselves when a third mysterious figure suddenly bolts from a nearby hiding spot. Varis takes chase instantly and runs the fleeing man down before tackling him. The man seemed in a panic, and began telling us in fearful tones about a mysterious mine discovered to the eastern foothills.

Entry #5
The two men stalking about turn out to be part of the resistance. They were apparently tracking the mysterious man we had just run down. Neither of us knew who he was or where he was from. Thankfully he proved to be little threat, and had entered the city of Drakonheim with no knowledge of recent events, or of the towns recent evacuation. He was merely looking to report the discovery of this mysterious mine and the bodies that were littered near its entrance.

Entry #6
The man agrees to spend the night with the resistance and tells Captain Vlak what he knows, which quite honestly was very little. Apparently the man lives somewhere in the foothills to the east with his family. Later that night we suddenly found ourselves enveloped in poisonous gas as we slept, then seconds later a fireball exploded amongst us. What in the nine hells!

Entry #7
Somehow we survived the night attack, barely. Serious injuries abound and many in the resistance our no more. Its a sad day. Shortly after we also discover that we’ve been robbed, the newly discovered tome with the desicated tongue on its cover is missing…



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