Mysteries & Myths

The Phylactery Episode 41

Moonglum’s Journal
Entry #1
Vanya sulie, Varis, Lle Ume quell. I knew that when Varis and I left the sheltered life of the Shimmerwood forest that we could expect danger. I never expected that his life tree would meet its end in our exploits. Not just Varis, but the stalwart human Jacare as well. Cormlle naa Tanya tel’rae Melloneamin. Tyrus will pay for this I swear.

Entry #2
Perhaps it was the sudden loss of two of our companions but for some reason my brain was numb and I was still puzzled by the deadly intricacies of this sacrificial alter and what seemed to be the lack of something important that it was guarding. Although the Golem inside mining the seemingly worthless Krimsonite was impressive it did not warrant such a deadly entrance as what we had just made. Worse yet, we needed to find the phylactery before Tyrus has a chance to recover. What am I missing?

Entry #3
The cupped bowl below the sacrificial chamber where we met the insane skeletal figure when we first got here to the mines! That was what I was missing. After many attempts to try and revive our friends we finally made our way back to that strange chamber where we thought Benus had been killed so many days ago. Attempting to try and use their own blood and Benus’ strange healing abilities we accidentally discovered a strange and wondrous gem inside the sacrificial cup located below the alter. It took a moment for it to sink in, but when I remembered that these were the Corkscrew mines I recalled the myth of the Forever Stone, and that is what we found. I will have to research this item in detail. It radiates a power like I have never seen. But our companions are still dead, so we dejectedly continue to search for the phylactery, I am tired.

Entry #4
With some help from the newly discovered Forever Stone, some spiritual guidance from Benus and much pondering we finally made our way to a rather non-descript part of the mine that we had passed by many times. Oh, and some nearly very disturbing traps that we had avoided in the past nearly were the end of Badger. What madness overtook the previous inhabitants of this mine? Eventually, with the smashing power of one newly acquired iron golem we had mined an entrance into what appeared to be the resting place of Tyrus’ phylactery. The problem was that there was also an ominous portal in the center of the large chamber and we did not know it’s purpose or where it lead. Destroying the phylactery was easy enough with the help of the golem, but while my remaining companions dealt with that I was accosted by a grim wood elf who was about to kill me if I had not assured him that I was not one of these strange red wizards that he was apparently hunting for some reason. An uneasy truce was forged between us, and we returned to the chamber of the phylactery only to find my companions staring at the portal with quizzical looks. Damned it anyways! In frustration I called forth, out of instinct, a magical dart and flung it at the portal. Why do I act so rashly sometimes?



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