Mysteries & Myths

Stories of Old (Episode 8)

Benus’ Journal:
Entry #1:
After descending a short stairway we entered another small chamber containing a bed and desk. Underneath the bed a small chest was discovered. Inside were several sacks filled with coins of various value, but what really caught our attention was a map with an “X” marked near the center of the Tanglewood Forest. Unfortunately no clue to what might be found there? Will most likely check out this location after exploring this cavern system.

Entry #2:
Entered double doors located in northeast corner of chamber. Large natural cavern beyond with bones littering the floor. Moonglum, somewhat suspicious of the numerous bones, attempted to lure any hostile creatures that might be hiding inside by moving a floating cloak about the room, but with no effect. It was then that Badger Grey led the way inside, but it wasn’t long before a scream of agony echoed through the chamber. Then Badger came stumbling back from around a nearby corner, nearly losing consciousness. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves flanked by two large worm-like creatures with numerous tentacles sprouting from their heads, which apparently possess the ability to paralyze a man within seconds! It wasn’t long before the venom took its effect and Badger lost the ability to move. Realizing Badger’s vulnerability I quickly released a shockwave into the far side of the chamber killing both large worms. Luckily movement returned to Badger’s extremities shortly thereafter.

Entry #3:
We returned to the main hall to check out a set of double doors we had passed by earlier. They seemed to be locked, but we soon discovered they were blocked from the inside. Several others moved down the hall to another room entrance covered by a multicolored curtain in order to see if there was another way in. There wasn’t, instead a hobgoblin skeleton and zombie-looking corpse were discovered standing at the far wall of a small chamber containing another bed and desk, but no obvious route to the other sealed chamber. It is with this information that wee returned to the double doors back down at the other end of the hall. Apparently a goblin cook had barricaded himself and his pet wolf inside. We forced our way in, and it didn’t take long to dispose of both.

Entry #4:
Across from the chamber with the multicolored curtain we discovered another set of double doors. Beyond we discovered a room intended for worship, a temple of some sort, but a temple to what? At first we were unsure, until we discovered a layer of plaster covering an alter. The ruins engraved on the plaster were obviously goblin in nature, but underneath were artistic etchings of dwarves crafting weapons, mining, and sculpting. Dwarven script was also present amongst the numerous etchings, but none of us could read them. Moonglum then suggested using one of his newfound scrolls, comprehend languages. We all agreed that he should, not only to read the mysterious script upon the alter, but to also browse through the black tome we recently discovered. The scrolls enchantment will only last an hour however, so Moonglum will have to scan over the tome quickly to get as much out of it as possible.

Entry #5:
Moonglum has revealed that the dwarven script upon the granite alter reads “Moradin is Mighty”. It was during this time that Varis decided to search the alter for any possible secret compartments, and it wasn’t long before he located one. There seemed to be no way of releasing the door to the compartment however so he eventually just pushed to see if it would open. What followed was some sort of electrical shock! I was convinced that the strange trap had now been disarmed, so I stepped in to try next. This time the energy released seemed to double in strength, as my hand and arm remained numb over the next hour. Moonglum quickly stepped forward at this point and began quickly repeating the words of the dwarven script engraved upon the alter – “Moradin is Mighty”, “Moradin is Mighty”, “Moradin is Mighty”, and then pushed upon the door, to our astonishment there was no electrical shock and the door popped open!

Entry #6:
Moonglum has been scanning the ancient black tome over the past hour and his ability to comprehend languages has now ended. The enchantment of the scroll seems to have run its course. The title on the cover of the old black tome reads History of Khundrukar. Moonglum then told us of a dwarven mountain home overrun by orcs two hundred years ago, and how legend told that all inside this mountain home had parished in the violence. He then told us of how other stories began to surface nearly a century later telling of a group of dwarves that somehow managed to escape. It was these dwarves lead by a dwarven smith who discovered another cave system in the mountains and created the new stronghold known as Khundrukar – the Glitterhame. It was there that the dwarves built powerful forges deep inside the mountain, and created magnificently crafted blades the like of which few had ever seen! Unfortunately however this stronghold was overrun by another group of orcs about one hundred years ago as well, and there are apparently few clues telling of where the mountain was located.

Entry #7:
We have just exited a series of natural tunnels and caverns located inside this underground complex. Webs covered the walls and ceiling, and it was obvious to us all what soon lay ahead, a giant spider. We burned much of the webbing away as we progressed through these dark tunnels, and we discovered numerous goblins wrapped in webs who had apparently met a horrifying death. Then about ten minutes later the creepy crawler made its appearance. Nearly the size of a large hog, the arachnid silently approached, and none of us sensed its presence until it was almost too late. It was only our finely honed skills in combat, much of which have been sharpened in these very tunnels, that allowed us to swing the battle quickly to our favor. There is little doubt in my mind that a group of smaller numbers, or less experience, would have met a much different fate. It was in these very same web covered tunnels that the hobgoblin wizard that escaped our capture earlier was discovered wrapped in webbing, and drained of his life-blood. It didn’t take Moonglum long to locate the wizards spell book, which he quickly added to his collection.

Entry 8:
We have returned to the entrance of the chamber covered by the multicolored curtain. The entrance was also discovered to be trapped by some sort of shocking enchantment attuned to the floor, as Badger soon discovered. The undead hobgoblin skeleton and zombie also became animated when we entered, and we were required to quickly destroy both. Discovered a letter on the desk. It was a letter of correspondence to someone named Rath, and it mentioned that the attack on Drakonheim was to begin in four days, during the next new moon. After searching the room thoroughly we believe we have cleared out this entire underground network.

Entry #9:
We now prepare to venture back into the Tanglewood Forgest. Our destination, well lets just say “X” marks the spot…



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