Mysteries & Myths

Dark Skies (Episode 30)

Varis’ Journal
Entry #1
Rest did not come easy after yesterdays events, even for us elves. We were all tense and the slightest noise would put us on alert. After a while we heard noises above the bunker we were sheltering in. Luckily for everyone it turned out it was survivors, and Arrow was among them. As it turned out Captain Vlak had been leading a resistance since the invasion of the undead. They had fallen on rough times though, and he was gravely injured. After we were all convinced that we were on the same side we decided to make our way to the good captain and join forces. Lets hope the streets prove safer than yesterday.

Entry #2
Captain Vlak was more grievously injured than Arrow had let on. If not for Benus’ strange powers of healing I think he would have met the afterlife. There were other survivors besides Arrow and Captain Vlak. Dorha, Salty Pyte, and Dorg were there, as were the young brothers from VharentFen and Alec. But many of the others I did not know. We discussed our plans and eventually it was decided that we had to do something about the damned Dracolich before we could make any progress on ending this madness. I’m not sure who had eventually come up with the plan, but the next thing I knew half the group was going with Dorg to his smithy for chains and nets and the rest of us were making up costumes to disguise ourselves as if we had been captured. I thought it was insane, who was going to capture us, a zombie, a ghoul? And why would the undead dragon care if someone had us captured? Then I was shocked again, a feeling I am growing accustomed to. From a back room, mingling through the survivors, heading towards us as if he belonged amongst us came none other than Tyrus. Jacare looked him over, even folding back a corner of his cape to better inspect his clothing. When he finished his inspection he looked at Tyrus again and simply said “That should fool the damned beast”. I soon came to learn that while I was busy talking with survivors Moonglum had fashioned a plan of sorts. He magically disguised himself as Tyrus and he was going to parade us through the streets, hopefully to a narrow street between two tall buildings. The resistance would be waiting at the buildings with the chains and nets, and if we could lure the Dracolich within we would spring our trap. It seemed to me like a bunch of mice trying to capture a cat, but what else were we to do.

Entry #3
One would think that having faced this horrible undead dragon as often as we have that the feeling of death wouldn’t form in the pit of your stomach every time it shows itself. We had made our way to a perfect street, I could see the survivors hiding amongst the windows and roof of the buildings on either side of the street. Jacare and Moonglum, or should I say Tyrus, started making a commotion, as if arguing. That’s when I felt the dread building within my bones. I turned my head and saw the Dracolich slowly walking around the corner, it’s soulless, twisted face lurching at us, and then the acid. I am not proud to say it, but I ran. Before I knew it I was more than a block away, and finally regained my senses. I could hear a battle raging, and saw several of the survivors fleeing. I gathered myself and what fear I had been feeling I forged into hatred and anger. We need to kill this beast!

Entry #4
I’m not sure you will believe what I describe next. When I rounded the corner I found my companions swarming about the Dracolich. There were thick webs, as if a giant spider had spun a web from building to building surrounding the beast. Chains and nets dangled crossed its bones. Jacare was actually sitting astride the beast, as if riding it like an unbroken horse. Badger was hovering above it, flying again and attacking it whenever he could. Zombies were filling the streets, Moonglum was trying to not get killed, Alacry was shooting off arrows as quickly as she could and Benus was charging into the fray chanting unfamiliar words. It seemed that the Dracolich was about to free itself from its bonds, when more webs wrapped around its wings and it dropped back to the ground. I mustered every ounce of energy I had and channeled it into my fists. I charged the beast, heading straight for its terrible maw and I slammed it with all of my might. And with that we were victorious. The beast fell to pieces at our feet. We quickly killed a few zombies that were left and picked through the bones of the great undead dragon. Aside from that we wasted little time. We quickly made our way to the Mausoleum, in hopes that we would find Tyrus and perhaps put an end to this madness.



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