Mysteries & Myths

An Unexpected Twist (Episode 10)

Moonglum’s Journal:
Entry #1:
The battle raged on and with Varis now back in the fight I was feeling that we may survive. He and Badger both headed towards the north entry to finish off the goblins. That allowed Benus and me to start to focus on the hobgoblins that were advancing and Swiftwind to continue to offer support wherever it was most needed. As for Jacare I feared him lost. It was then that I noticed the hobgoblins had figured out that many of the goblins on the ground were not dead, but asleep, a minor trick I had learned and used earlier. Damned them, they were waking those devious little goblin archers up. And as the ebb and flow of the tides rises and falls, so it seemed our luck had shifted again.

I focused all my remaining energies at keeping the hobgoblins and goblins at bay, as did Benus. The sound of Swiftwinds arrows and the occasional falling enemy was the only way of knowing she was still out in the trees. The hobgoblins and goblins had me pinned down and soon were nearly at the towers again, I quickly pulled up my ladder and took cover. I kept trying to keep them at bay, until I heard a commotion in Benus’ tower; a hobgoblin had made it in to attack him somehow. I focused on this new threat, while trying to keep enough cover from the occasional ballista bolt that I heard occasionally slamming into my tower. The next few moments were a flurry of arrows, my trusty trick of chilling the air and shooting it at my enemies and Benus pulling out every bit of skill he had, but we were able to defeat the last of the hobgoblins and goblins assaulting us at the towers. This allowed us to look now to aid Badger and Varis.

I quickly surveyed the encampment and at the north entry I saw the lifeless bodies of the last Ogre and the imposing bug bear that had come out of the large tent. And much to my shock at the gate entrance I spotted Jacare battling the well armored hobgoblin that had come out of the large tent and barked orders at the ogre. Although Jacare had to disengage to regroup, it seemed that at last we had turned the tide. In the end we all were focusing on the last hobgoblin, but he was smart and near berserk. He kept yelling at us, specifically at Jacare about being cowards and killing us. It made no difference, the arrows, swords, fists and arcane arts eventually killed him, it was over.

Entry #2:
The last hobgoblin was Rath, a journal and other correspondence confirmed it. We searched the camp, take all we can find regarding the logistics of the goblin movements, gather up a few pieces of impressive armor and weaponry (as well as several large melted together lumps of gold) and we headed back to Drakonheim as quickly as we could.

Entry #3:
Ed’ i’ear ar’ elenea! That pale faced Tyrus escaped the White Keep’s prison. And it seems with the aid of goblins. Perhaps Jacare’s suspicions of The Grey Society plotting this whole damned goblin invasion may have merit after all. Besides the goblin arrows found at his escape, when I asked Captain Vlak who knew the history of the city the best (Rath’s journal spoke of finding Drakonheim’s library and it’s treasures) he said Lady Saldor would. We will have to look into this more carefully. If all of this wasn’t pressing enough, Captain Vlak also said that two of his men were late in returning from the crypt. They had been sent to investigate unusual noises that were coming from there and beginning to worry the townsfolk nearby. As I recall, we gave wide berth to that crypt and Lady Saldor cautioned us to be wary of the creatures within. She said they were beyond even the societies control. Perhaps she was telling the truth, perhaps she was protecting some scheme. One way or another we will find out.



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