Tag: PC


  • Moonglum

    Being a High Elf in the [[Shimmerwood Forest | Shimmerwood Forest]] Moonglum always felt somewhat out of place. He spent most of his days cloistered in study of ancient myths of magic. He had been taken in, not knowing his birth parents, by a …

  • Benus Tugae

    Benus Tugae has the ability to heal as well as do some damage. He dabbles in both the arcane arts and healing through prayers. His main form of attacks comes from a radiant ray that sears through his enemies.

  • Badger Grey

    Was born the son of a Jake's digger and grew up with a shovel in hand. After his father died when a wall collapsed on him, Badger joined the army and excelled as a Sapper. None could dig as fast. Nor for as long. Badger lives a simple life. A good fight, …