Elven Monk LVL 2: 6' tall and bald


HP- 21
AC- 18

STR- 16
DEX- 19
CON- 18
INT- 13
WIS- 18
CHA- 15

LL- 30’

Unarmed Strike
Light Crossbow


Varis is a member of a noble family from the Shimmerwood Forest. He decided to venture closer to the land of men after many years of intensive study in martial arts and meditation. Varis decides that his abilities will be better suited to bringing about change in the world, so he leaves for the city of Drakonheim to find his destiny. He is traveling with his butler, major domo, and stable boy. Varis believes in order, and he will do what needs to be done, whether it be good or evil, to maintain it. He is also an old acquaintance of Moonglum, and does not mind that he is a high elf.

Varis passed away in the Mine’s of Madness after being sacrificed by Moonglum upon an alter to save the group from becoming trapped.


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