A slender High Elf whose stark white hair seems almost unnatural.


High Elf Wizard
Level: 7
HP: 57
AC: 14 No armor / 17 Mage Armor / 21 Mage Armor + Shield
Favorite weapon: Ray of Frost (cantrip) +8 Attack / 2d8dmg

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 20
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 10

Being a High Elf in the Shimmerwood Forest Moonglum always felt somewhat out of place. He spent most of his days cloistered in study of ancient myths of magic. He had been taken in, not knowing his birth parents, by a venerable High Elf who lived alone in a secluded patch of the Shimmerwood Forest. A lone tower that Moonglum simply called the Library. To the best of his knowledge his benefactor has lived there all his life. Through the years of study Moonglum simply refers to him now as Master. Moonglum made little friends through his years and spent even less time outdoors, unless he was collecting “ingredients” or “reagents” for his master. It was on one such excursion that he met Varis, who had come to his rescue regarding a rather annoyed badger that did not like Moonglum digging through its burrow for badger droppings. Moonglum was not only thankful to Varis, but fascinated with his ability to seemingly “channel” energies within himself to perform amazing physical feats. He spent as much time with him to study, but soon became friends of a sort as well. Moonglum was surprised when his master came to him at the latest first new moon and instructed him to travel to Drakonheim. He was told to gather “Dirthnakar Mythar” or as most men knew them as common mushroom that often grew in dank caves or sometimes abandoned sewers. He gathered his things and set out. As Moonglum left the tower, the last thing he heard his master say was, “Remember to keep your wits about you. You never know when the mysteries of the past will present themselves again.” Moonglum simply smiled and nodded, often hearing such things that he had yet to figure out what his master was rambling about.


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