'Jacare' Nandar Tarec Souza Moussasi

Human 6th level fighter


Carries a hand xbow and a flail he affectionately calls orcssBane.
Wears masterwork platemail armor and a black dragon scale shield.


Jacare (pronounce schok-ah-rae) has always been a well liked individual. Handsome, smart, and athletic it would seem he could have chosen a safer career path and been successful at whatever he put his mind to, but adventure, fame and fortunes calls to his rather large ego.

Jacare is a hard fellow to gain trust from. He always seems to be trying to discern to true intention of people he first meets.

Jacare met his end in the Mine’s of Madness where he was sacrificed upon an alter (suicide) in an attempt to save the group.

'Jacare' Nandar Tarec Souza Moussasi

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