• Alacry


    Female elven ranger from the Shimmerwood Forest who joins the companions on their return to Drakonheim after being attacked by zombies in the woods.
  • Badger Grey

    Badger Grey

    A short & stocky man wearing plate armor, and carrying a shield covered in large black scales. And what looks to be a simple bastard sword in the opposite hand.
  • Benus Tugae

    Benus Tugae

    An Arcanist with ability to heal as well as ability to do damage.
  • Geoffry Britestride

    Geoffry Britestride

    Tall human paladin with a peculiar white streak in his hair
  • Moonglum


    A slender High Elf whose stark white hair seems almost unnatural.
  • Mortiran Numenesse

    Mortiran Numenesse

    Tall and slender elf rogue from Daggerford
  • Oswell Beesbury

    Oswell Beesbury

    Known to be one ugly son of a bitch, oh wait that's a picture of Stein... This man is often seen wearing dragon leather and carrying a mace.