Mysteries & Myths

The Tanglewood Forest (Episode 5)

The next day the group once again received order from Captain Vlak Swiftblade. This time they were to investigate reports of goblin attacks from the nearby Tanglewood Forest at the foot of the Barrier Peak Mountains. Immediately the group headed south on the road to Vharent, a days travel south by foot. It was on this road that the companions made their first discovery of goblin activity as they spotted an overturned wagon up ahead with several goblins wreaking havoc! Quickly the companions took up an advantageous position and then attacked. Then after defeating the little caravan raiders the group heard a trembling voice. It was a halfling female still hiding beneath the overturned wagon, afraid to show herself. Her name was Sten Goodseller, a merchant from the village of Vharent. The female halfling went on to tell her story of being ambushed on what is usually a very peaceful stretch of road. She thanked the group for saving her before the group offered her a ride back to town. They then returned to secure the wagon and other cargo when assistance from the town guard in Drakonheim was secured.

While in Vharent the group also met two rough looking brothers in the local inn and tavern, Alec and Fen Ballister. The two men were apparently looking for work and agreed to accompany the companions back to Drakonheim to join the militia. After all if a goblinoid attack was eminent upon the town the militia’s rank would need a significant boost.

The next day the companions finally entered the Tanglewoods, near the location of Sten Goodseller’s ambush. The woods were found to be thicker than expected, the underbrush especially hampering the party’s movement. It quickly became obvious that the only way to make decent time was to remain on the various paths and game trails, or risk becoming not only stuck, but perhaps worse entirely lost. Several hours into the woods grunting could be heard in the thicket of trees ahead. Some decided to sneak up for a peak, but their attempt in the thick woods resulted in failure as a branch suddenly snapped under foot, and a massive ogre rose up. The creature towered above and was nearly twelve-foot tall, and swung a large tree trunk like a club with an ease that was significantly alarming. Chaos ensued, but somehow the inexperience group banded together to fell the oversized beast. The group then took a short rest before pressing onward deeper into the thick woods.

Nearly an hour later the group spotted large shadowy figures moving in the distant woods, apparently shadowing the party. Then suddenly the companions came under attack, as barbed spears flew out from the thick cover of trees on both sides of the forest path! Many in the group raced for cover hoping to get a better look at their assailants. They would learn their identity soon enough however, as seven-foot tall humanoids suddenly came smashing through the trees, large maces swinging violently. But to the groups surprise these oversized man-like creatures were covered in fur, bugbears! The battle became very intense very quickly, and at any given time it appeared that the party might be overrun. But somehow they finally managed to prevail. But were there others? Did some of the enemy manage to escape? No one knew for certain but the mere thought definitely led many to a level of discomfort. It was with these thoughts dancing around in their heads that the group took another quick rest to tend their numerous wounds, and a discussion began on whether or not they should head back to town?…



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