Mysteries & Myths

The Story So Far... (Episodes 1-4)

It all began when a group of inexperience adventures caught word of a story of intrigue. A man by the name of Krag Blackhand had gone missing the evening prior. Rumors had already begun to circulate that he had been abducted, but if so by whom and why? The group began to investigate.

Over the next day they interviewed numerous citizens from the town of Drakonheim but found little to go on. There only real lead came from the Saucy Mermaid, a local tavern in a shadier part of town. It was there that the companions met Salty Pyte, the owner, and the serving waitress Dorha, a half-orc. There was little to go on except Krag’s time of departure late in the night, and the fact that this was nearly a nightly routine for the young man, but only the first time he never made it home. So it was on to Krag’s fathers, a local blacksmith name Dorg Blackhand. It was there that Dorg pleaded with the group to help in any way possible, and the group agreed to look into it.

It should also be mentioned that the group had picked up on a few rumors as well during this time. There were whispers about shadows in the night up at the abandoned graveyard on the outskirts of town, as well as stories of goblins living below Drakonheim’s streets in the city sewers. It wasn’t much but it was at least a start.

Down in Drakonheim’s sewers, below the city streets, the group discovered several goblin groups fighting for control of the sewers, a turf war if you will. But just as dangerous were the massive rats that inhabited the damp and smelly sewers, many the size of dogs! Over the next several days the companions fought three different groups of goblins, and nearly met there end more than once, before finally discovering one of the goblin leaders name Korth Fat Rat. It was there that the group discovered that the goblins were working with a mysterious man they called “the Pale Man”. But that wasn’t all, the goblin leader also admitted to abducting individuals from the city streets above in order to sell to this so called “Pale Man”. It was becoming apparent that Korth Fat Rat was extremely overconfident in his ability to deal with his new found visitors, and was showing a willingness to hide nothing. It didn’t take long for the group to spring to action as Fat Rat agreed to let several of the companions inspect the new bodies in a back chamber while the others continued to carry the conversation with the goblin leader. Then the group suddenly attacked, they had divided their enemy, and now they set out to conquer, taking out many of the goblin guards before executing Fat Rat himself. Unfortunately the group also was able to identify Krag Blackhand in a body bag in the far back chamber. The companions would have to deliver the body, and the heartbreaking news, to his father Dorg.

The next mystery the companions began to investigate was the report of grave robbing at the old cemetery outside of Drakonheim, and the mysterious shadows skulking about in the night. They decided to investigate early one night after sundown, and discovered many of the overgrown moss covered mausoleums had been compromised, and bodies were missing from several. They also spotted several shadowy figures milling about but were unable to keep track of their whereabouts. It was also on this first night in the old cemetery that they were attacked by undead skeletons inside one of the crypts, a moment that unnerved all involved. What dark magic was involved none could be sure, but they needed to investigate further. They decided to return the next night in the hopes of ambushing the mysterious individuals. Thankfully their plan worked, and after a short altercation the one known as the “Pale Man” surrendered along with several of his followers. The Pale Man was quickly turned over to the authorities in the White Keep but not until after he answered a few questions. It was during this questioning that the group was told of a supposed goblinoid army massing in the surrounding mountains. Whether there was any truth this story none could be sure, but the Pale Man, now known as Tyrus, seemed adamant that a great doom would soon fall upon the down of Drakonheim if the companions didn’t let him go.

The next day the companions decided to investigate Earl’s Garden, a tea house amongst a ruined neighborhood of Drakonheim. It was there that they managed to gain access to the back rooms of the establishment where they discovered a trap door in the floor of one of the rooms. This led to a spiral stairway leading down into a long hallway. Six doorways lined the hall and another stairway at the far end led to another spiral staircase down. It is there that the group met a woman named Lady Nalyka Saldor. It was in this meeting that the group was told of a goblinoid army massing in the surrounding mountains for the second time, and that a secret organization calling themselves the Grey Society had come up with a plan to protect the town of Drakonheim – an undead army! It all seemed too hard to believe, and one could hardly blame the group for doubting any part of what they were hearing. But Lady Nalyka seemed very passionate and sincere, and the group now found themselves entangled in the stories complicated web. Then Lady Nalyka Saldor took the companions down the next spiral staircase into a massive chamber containing what appeared to be an army of undead! Rows upon rows of skeletons lined the chamber, each remaining still and awaiting orders from their leader. The companions could hardly believe their eyes, the ancient and dark art of necromancy alive and well right in their own back yard! After this shocking revelation Lady Nalyka led the group back upstairs to a meeting room filled with skeletal guards lining the outer walls. It was there that she posed an unexpected question – would the companions be willing to join the Grey Society? There seemed little choice, surrounded by undead, and in the heart of the societies stronghold Greystone, the companions agreed to join. And with that an induction ceremony began almost immediately.

After leaving the Tea House, and Greystone below, the companions returned to the White Keep to report for duty with the local militia. It was there that Captain Vlak Swiftblade gave the group their first orders, patrol duty. It didn’t take long for the group to find trouble either, as the group was ambushed on one of the darker streets by a group of goblins hiding on the rooftops. From there they gave chase into the sewers where they fought even greater numbers, including a clear cube made up of a jelly-like substance. Somehow they all managed to survive, and later that night reported back their findings.



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