Mysteries & Myths

The Rising Part II (Episode 15)

Moonglum’s Journal
Entry #1
With the city quiet and news of unrest in the new cemetery we quickly headed out to confront the gaunt undead within the crypts. We decided to check the smaller, private crypts to make sure our backs weren’t exposed. It’s good we did. The first crypt we opened had a vicious, undead waiting hungrily inside. Aside from Badger’s sword and some arcane attacks, none of our attacks seem to have the effect we think they should on these particular creatures. We dispatched the creature quickly enough and moved on to the next small crypt. This time we were prepared and dealt with the creature lurking within very quickly. Now the main crypt that Swiftwind warned us we would meet much more resistance.

Entry #2
This crypt was much larger and before we were done I think almost a half dozen of those damnable creatures rose against us. Swiftwind and Varis suffered wounds in that battle, but even with Jacare still not yet back we survived. But, much to my dismay we realized that this was only a portion of the new cemetery. We had more crypts to check. Aside from that discovery all we found were some symbols on the ground of the crypt. Benus and I both agreed that these were probably used in a ritual to raise these foul creatures.

Entry #3
Another crypt and more undead wanting to feast on our souls. The next crypt held mostly skeletons. Unfortunately a large number of them had been laid to rest in chain mail. This made landing blows a bit more difficult, but they proved to be the least of our worries. As we battled these better armored skeletons much to our dismay a large 4 armed skeleton wielding scimitars in each hand surprised us. At one point we had to make a tactical retreat back out into the sunlight were these creatures seemed fearful to tread. After that we pressed on hard. Before it was all done I think we slew a dozen of the horrid creatures. We found another of those glyphs on the floor, this time I took the time to copy it down. Aside from that we also found another cryptic note regarding the Undying One. What does it mean? We now have but 1 large crypt left to investigate. If there are any old Gods, I hope they will be with us.

Entry #4
I am not sure what great evil we encountered, but it filled me with a sense of dread that I have never felt. The last crypt we investigated was truly astounding. It appeared, to the best of our knowledge, to be the resting place of four great kings from more than 300 years ago. Their sarcophagi were truly magnificent works of art, except the one. It was shattered and we had troubles identifying it. As we moved forward it’s as if the light was being absorbed into some vacuum, not even my magical trick of light would penetrate the dark veil of the back half of the crypt. This gave us pause, well, all of us except Badger. No sooner had we crossed this veil of, well, evil I suppose, an ominous dark figure floated up to attack Badger. Our other warriors quickly pressed in to attack, Swiftwind and I supported from a distance. However, no sooner had we started to gain the advantage but then another of these dark, wispy creatures of death would appear. Three in total attacked us. But that is not what was so unnerving. While we were still finishing off these strange wisp like undead a truly dark presence made itself known. When it advanced to us it’s as if my very breath was being sucked out of me. It struck Badger a terrible blow. Jacare‘Jacare’ Nandar Tarec Souza Moussasi recognized its malevolence and yelled out for us to run. It was then that I soon learned that a tactician I am not. I thought that Badger would not make it out in time, so I foolishly hesitated and attacked the creature, hoping to buy Badger some time. Seeing this he paused and said, I can’t be the first one out the door! With that he stood to fight. The creature however took note of me and nearly struck me dead. I am not sure how but we all managed to escape the crypt alive. The next time Jacare tells me to run, I think I will take his advice.

Entry #5
We were in no shape to investigate anything at this point, so we looked to heal our wounds and study some more to decide what our next move was. Lady Saldor was ever so close to discovering a way to heal us more quickly of the life draining effects some of these more ghoulish undead seemed to have, but not yet ready to help us. Time would have to heal these wounds. It proves to be a long two days of researching the old kings, trying to help Lady Saldor and waiting to see if there will be an invasion or not. After two days, nothing. We are well rested and healed however. We decide that if nothing is happening here we will head west to Blasingdell, in an attempt to discover Khundrukar. It seems that may be the driving force behind the goblin invasions.



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