Mysteries & Myths

The Foundry (Episode 20)

Varis’ Journal
Entry #1
Tanya awra! I recall some hard days of training with my master, but the bruises that I have after that tentacled thing nearly killed us all surpass any I sustained in training. But just as the force of the water will always overcome the stone, we threw our might upon this strange creature and lived. Perhaps more disturbing than that experience was when Moonglum decided that if this thing had nearly killed all of us it may well have killed other victims, and so we should search it. How do you search a beast that looks like a ten foot tall stalagmite with tentacles you ask? Apparently you take out the enchanted blade that Badger had given to Moonglum and you gut it like a fish. Strangely enough, Moonglum actually found a strange bone ring mixed within the innards of this horrible beast. He spent some time examining the thing and after a strange look came over his face, he slipped it onto his finger and returned to his books that he carries with him. We set up a watch for the night and didn’t even venture from the ledge. We figured it was the safest place to try and regroup ourselves.

Entry #2
After several hours of uneasy rest, we finally continued on. There was but one door left to explore to the NE before we headed back the way we came to the glittering cavern. That proved rather uneventful, but for a short respite of competitive sport between our own group. After searching for any age-old traps we continued through the door. We discovered what proved to be a jail area with three cells, a jailors key, and another key on the skeletal corpse of a armored, female dwarf as well as a purse with several platinum pieces. Jacare kept the odd key to himself and divided up the platinum amongst us. He then took an extra piece for himself and flipped the remaining piece in the air. We all reached for it but for me it was nothing to quickly reach out and grab it. With that done, we made our way back to the glittering cave to check out that iron clad door.

We carefully made our way over to the NE door, upon Jacare’s insistence, and it proved to be a wise thing. As we passed the passed the northern ledge, hugging the walls, tentacles suddenly shot out at us. We feared the worst, after our most recent ordeal and responded in kind. Luckily it proved to be no more than a pair of those foul, gigantic centipede looking creatures that can paralyze you if your not careful. Regardless, we dispatched of them and found a grisly lair of theirs filled with nothing but the inedible remains of their victims. So back to the iron door we headed.

Entry #3
The door proved to be an intimidating structure to say the least. I would like to say some sage phrase that I learned from my master about the strength of the water wearing at stone or about the value of bending like a reed, but it was Jacare and that key he had kept that got us through. He is useful for a human, I must say. He also had us make a slow go of ascending the stairs beyond which rose steeply to end in an octagon shaped room with three menacing looking dwarven statues and two wooden doors between them. We were cautions though and it proved to be a wise thing. It turned out that the doors were false, and opening them was the trigger that would send the weapons of the large statues slamming into whoever opened the door. We disabled all but one of them, which cut a gash into Jacare when it landed a blow between the seams of his plate armor. Eventually we found a secret door and opened it to another marvelous sight.

Entry #4
The door opened into a huge chamber will pillars that were carved to look like giants and beasts. These pillars supported the vaulted ceiling some thirty feet above. At the end of the room was a raised dais with a single, simple stone throne upon it. Before we had hardly entered a gruff, female voice shouted out from the chamber somewhere, “Go back the way you came or die”! Jacare yelled back that we were simply lost and needed help, while Benus shouted that we were not with the orcs….no reply followed.

Jacare and Badger cautiously advanced, and were surprised when out of thin air a nine foot tall dark skinned dwarf simply appeared and wildly attacked. The rest of us advanced as well, while Moonglum and Swiftwind stayed behind aiding with ranged attacks. Besides the fact that these damned things kept appearing when we least expected it we prevailed and decided to check the door behind the throne before we examined the other four doors in the room.

Beyond the door we found a small room with a single female dark skinned dwarf. She was apparently waiting for us. Jacare invoked parley and she accepted. After a short while it was agreed that she would lead us out of here, further down below to some great riches, but we were not to come back here ever. She left to gather the escort and some of us began to feel a bit nervous about the whole situation. She returned shortly with twenty fully armed dark skinned dwarves and ordered us into marching formation so they could escort us out.

Over the many years I have known Moonglum I have learned that he is generally a good and kind person. However, he doesn’t always think that he needs to follow the rules. And sometimes he simply does what he thinks is best, regardless of any code of conduct. He must have felt the same sense of uneasiness about being surrounded by all potential combatants. Just as we began to slowly move towards the large group of them, I caught a glimpse of Moonglum throwing a wisp of fine sand into the air and whispering, Dolle naa lost……VDRI. Then six of the dwarves simply fell to the ground asleep. The female dwarf screamed for the attack, Jacare shook his head in disbelief at the turn of events and we charged to meet the enemy.

Immediately after we engaged a familiar resounding burst of energy exploded in the center of the group of our enemies and over half of them were flung from its center nothing more than lifeless corpses. We pressed our enemy hard and within moments we were victorious. Moonglum revived Benus, who had fallen from many blows early on. We searched the corpses, but to no avail. The bad part was that during the battle the female commander simply vanished into thin air and was nowhere to be found. I don’t think we will have the option of parley in the future as we continue exploring this massive complex.



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