Mysteries & Myths

The Crypts Below (Episode 50)

Alacrys’ Journal
Entry #1
I have decided to stay on with this new group of interesting explorers. It seems that there is a rich history in the town of Daggorford and the surrounding Lizard marsh. It also appears that perhaps the infamous deeds of the Ambergul family have cursed them. After we released the two local hoodlums we found in the upper family crypts we followed the passageway down to the crypts below. We discovered the crypts of the original Ambergul family, and what we now believe to be the restless spirits of many of them. For the most part I would say that their spirits are not happy, witnessed by their desire to end our lives. Luckily for us both Benus and Moonglums ability to wield great powers has proven most valuable in battling these ghostly spirits. Other than a book bound in drake hide, which Moonglum quickly snatched up, we found mostly the personal belongings of the immediate family. We also found, or should I say we easily found the entrance to what we believe to be the lower crypts, and the trail of Darwa and her group. Perhaps we will find the spirit of Alysia Ambergul down there. Her spirit seemed to be the only one that did not have some presence in the crypts we have explored so far. And we have found no trace of the shrine that we are trying to find.



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