Mysteries & Myths

Khundrukar (Episode 17)

Varis’ Journal
Entry #1
Having gained entry into what we think is the main entrance of Khundrukar half of the party advanced onward while the rest of us stood guard. It wasn’t long however that we heard the shouts of our companions calling for aid. Swiftwind and I quickly advanced to find a situation very similar to the first dwarven fortress we had stormed. The local orc denizens were using the many different hallways to find our flanks and attack from all sides. We quickly regrouped and attacked en masse down one hallway and into a room. It was a hard pressed fight as the orcs used cover to their advantage and rained arrows upon us but we prevailed. Jacare and Moonglum were injured badly, but again Benus somehow seemed to simply close their wounds. I have seen Moonglum manipulate the arcane arts, much like I have learned to manipulate Ki, but Benus is a mystery to me. We quickly barricaded some hallways and found a makeshift kitchen and two human prisoners that we released to safety. We then advanced down a hallway to try and clear a portion of this fortress.

Entry #2
Ta naa neuma! I am impressed by these dwarves of old. Even in death they do not yield their fortress easily. As we rounded a corner we spotted an impressive statue of a dwarf. However, when we moved closer to examine it we discovered it was a trap, spewing forth a noxious green gas among us. Luckily we all were able to hold our breath and back peddle until it dispersed. With that, we opened up a door into a large room that appeared to be mostly empty. It didn’t take but a few seconds upon advancing that out of the corners of the room several orcs, one of them in chain mail it seemed, broke out into formation to stop us from entering.

Entry #3
No sooner had we begun or advance did we realize the true danger we were in. As we pressed the line of orcs blocking our path I noticed that two large wolves had run up from behind and tripped Moonglum to the ground, threatening to end his life. This I could not stand for. Benus struck a powerful blow that resounded with a thunderous crash dispersing much of the orcs in front. And then I noticed the large ogre-like humanoid that was swinging its massive greataxe at Moonglum as well. I quickly killed one of the wolves and Benus and I advanced towards the large creature. Moonglum scampered away and Benus held off the brute, who seemed enraged at the death of the first wolf, so I killed the second as well, taunting him. We pressed him hard, and soon I noticed that Swiftwind must have joined us from the shadows as arrows started to fly in pelting the brute time and again. Soon the beast succumbed to his wounds and we helped Jacare finish dealing with the rest of the orcs that he had been holding off by himself. We questioned the last remaining orc to learn that the brute was none other than than their ogre chief, the Great Ulfe.
Entry #4
We searched the area and discovered a secret door that lead to a series of hallways making up the defensive arrow slots of the outer defenses. We also found a large amount of coins in the ogres room, some gems and a masterly crafted war hammer. We stashed the loot in the hallways behind the secret door and explored the fortress some more. Making our way back out into one of the first larger rooms we noticed that a door was open that had not been before. We found behind it what seemed to be an empty barracks. We dismissed it and pressed on. There were only 2 more hallways and the first one we checked we soon discovered another secret door. I am sure that we will find resistance behind it, so we prepared ourselves.
Tenna’ tul’re san’



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