Mysteries & Myths

Into the Depths (Episode 19)

Swiftwind’s Journal
Entry #1
Ed’ i’ ear ar’ elenea! I never imagined that I would behold such beauty underground. It’s as if the stars were imbedded within the ceiling of this vast chamber. We could see two other passages leading out of the chamber and an Iron door to the east. But there were also some type of stone sculptures on a large ledge to the west. We cautiously made our way to the western ledge and Moonglum, Varis and Badger went up to investigate. They must have been up there for almost an hour before they returned. When they did they handed over an impressive looking war hammer to Benus and showed us a stunning golden ring with an engraving of a dragon wrapped around itself and swallowing its own tail. We then moved on to travel down a small passage to the south and eventually after going up some stairs it opened into a chamber that had a river running through it. There was a blocked passage to the west, but to the east we could see stairs that led further below. The problem was getting to the stairs. The stream in the cavern created a humid spray that filled the cavern and eventually it flowed to the western end of the cavern and ended in a churning whirlpool that descended to depths unknown. The path became narrow and precariously slippery with the stones covered in a thick, slippery moss. Even with Badgers efforts to install a guide rope with his climbing gear it was a perilous crossing to reach the stairs. At one point Moonglum lost his footing and one of the pitons holding the guide rope came loose. We almost lost him to the river. Eventually we all reached the stairs and we descended down to find a chamber that had two swollen wooden doors to the east and another passage leading to the south. We decided to check the doors.

Entry #2
With some brute force by Badger the doors were knocked open. Eventually we discovered 6 rooms full of rotted food stuffs. We also discovered, much to our surprise, some strange creature that did not like our trespassing. As Jacare was investigating the first room, what had looked like a puddle of grey, murky water suddenly formed itself into a massive coil and whipped out at him. If that wasn’t bad enough, when he attacked it his flail suddenly started to sizzle and pop. The creature itself was a corrosive acid it seemed. He disengaged while Badger and Varis charged the thing. Benus and I offered ranged support and several blue darts of arcane energy were shot at the creature by Moonglum. Almost as soon as the attack had started it was over. Finding nothing else, besides the rotting foodstuffs, we left to explore the passage to the south.

Entry #3
We followed the passage and the river through a small chamber which opened up to a much larger cavern sprawling to the east. There was a hallway with stairs leading down to the south as well. Before continuing on east, we traveled down the stairs to find a partially flooded area with three rooms. These appeared to be old storage rooms of a sort. We spent some time searching the area, which was difficult because of the murky water as well as the stench emanating from it. Badger at one point actually reached below the surface, fully submerging his face in the process, and came back up with two flasks. Benus looked at them and said they would definitely come in handy in the future. At this point some of us were actually feeling quite nauseous so we decided whatever else was in here was not worth the time to look for it. We left and followed the cavern and the stream to the east. And nearly to our deaths.

Entry #4
The cavern narrowed into a passageway and after a few feet opened up again into another cavern with the river running through it, a ledge with several stalagmites across it to the south and a door further in and to the north. It was the sound of a fish flapping on the shore of the ledge across the river to the south that caught our attention. We were all on edge, so I quietly made my way into the chamber, keeping to the shadows as I attempted to investigate the chamber. It appeared that some sort of tentacle was holding the fish. As I tried to discern what this tentacle was, another one suddenly shot out at me and quickly had me wrapped in its grasp. I was pulled from my feet and was suddenly being reeled back towards a large stalagmite which I could now see had a glaring eye and a gaping maw. With the breath being squeezed out of me my vision began to blur and the last thing I thought was this would be my death.
Roper 1
I felt a surge of energy flowing through me and slowly my eyes opened. I almost wished they hadn’t. I was still firmly grappled by a tentacle, and now it seemed so was Badger. Varis was on the ledge pummeling the creature and both Jacare and Benus were running to leap across to come to our aid. I could see that Badger had given up on trying to break the grasp of the tentacle that held him and he had slipped out a potion and was drinking it as if his life depended upon it. A large arrow of acid suddenly slammed into the creature and I turned my face to avoid the splattering of the acid. When I regained my bearings more of the tentacles had engulfed both Varis and Benus. If that weren’t bad enough when the grasp of the tentacles wasn’t threatening to squeeze the life out of us, the creature would lure us in near it’s tremendous maw and razor sharp teeth would gauge at our flesh. Varis and Benus flailed at the creature and I think Badger was nearly unconscious. I squirmed and tried to get out but to no avail. Out of the corner of my eye it appeared that now Varis and Benus were nothing more than rag dolls in the creatures grasp. The last thing I saw was more tentacles reaching out and entangling both Jacare and Moonglum. And then I faded into darkness.



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