Mysteries & Myths

Expecting the Unexpected (Episode 23)

Varis’ Journal
Entry #1
Having decided to explore the rest of what seemed to be the main living and working complex of this great fortress we headed out. It proved to be at times most uneventful and at other times most harrowing. Many of the rooms we found appeared to have been either storage or barracks of some sorts. Some contained nothing but the rubble of years gone past, others were virtual empty. At one point we discovered that one of the ancient dwarves, a priest of sorts, had reanimated several objects and corpses to serve as the final defenses against the orcs. But some of the things we found were simply some of the strangest things I have seen in my many years.

Entry #2
One of the first strange things we found was in a small ante-chamber with a pool of clear water. As Jacare entered the room a moaning began to be heard throughout the room. Then a misty apparition appeared with a horrifying visage. The fear was palpable in the room as this strange creature engulfed Jacare. I believe that the fates were with us that day. We dealt with this terrifying creature, but I have the sense that some great dread could have befallen us if we hadn’t dealt with it quickly.

Not long after that we found a ancient dwarven temple hidden behind a set of secret doors. The strange thing was, besides all the skeletal remains, was the skeletal dwarf lying upon an alter, and the leathery remains of an orc kneeling before it. Weary from our last encounter we were not sure if we should proceed when the bones littering the floor pulled together to form two large skeletal warriors and the undead orc turned to face us. After a brief regrouping we decided to press on and charge the enemy. It turned out we were fretting a bit too much, as we make quick work of the enemies, however, we now needed to rest badly. We set up a watch order and hunkered down for the night, if it was night, I’ve lost track at this point.

Entry #3
As we continued to explore we found one room with six skeletal dwarves that attacked us, but we dealt with them very quickly. After defending an entire town from an undead invasion they proved to be a good workout after our rest. It was the next room that held a surprise for us. It was a simple room with only a bed and a desk in it, but when Badger and I entered the very floor itself suddenly sprang to life and enveloped us. This strange beast was squeezing the life out of us, but we managed to escape. After a quick retreat and regrouping we were able to kill the thing, but not without it nearly ending Moonglum.

We then found what must have been the armory, by the looks of the practice dummies and broken weaponry littering the floor. The odd thing was when two sword and a shield floated up and actually attacked us. Aside from the initial shock we quickly dealt with them.

Entry #4
Our greatest surprise was in one of the last rooms we searched, a library of sort. It wasn’t the library that was strange, it was the woman sitting in it that gave us pause. She claimed to be a prisoner of some wizard. We thought perhaps it was the dwarven arcanist we had killed earlier, but none of us could be sure. Something just didn’t seem right about the entire thing. But Moonglum insisted that we needed to help her. When she asked if she could at least be let out of the room he quickly rushed to the first door he was near and said, of course, come this way. Several of us sensed that something wasn’t right, but the two of them entered the small room and disappeared from our view briefly. It was when Moonglum came back out of the doorway muttering under his breath, and looking as if the very life had been drained out of him that our hesitation was warranted. All he said was that she had kissed him and then disappeared with a flash in her eyes saying she would spare him for his kindness. The wonders of this place will never cease to amaze me.



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