Mysteries & Myths

Escape?! (Episode 6)

Arrow’s Journal:
Entry #1:
One day into the woods and we are too far out to turn back. We are exhausted and in rough shape. Ambushed by large humanoid creatures standing nearly 7 foot tall and covered in coarse fur. Someone suggested they might be bugbears, but whatever they were they were quite stealthy for their size, and powerful enough to shatter a man’s bones with a single swing! Slightly worried there may have been more that may have escaped, but quite honestly it’s impossible to know for certain due to the surrounding thick woods.

Entry #2:
During the night we came under attack twice! First a group of goblins, probably scouts of some sort, stumbled upon our camp during our first watch. Luckily we picked up on their presence before too much harm was done. Then just before sunrise something could be heard disturbing the dark canopy of the tree tops above camp. Then Moonglum was suddenly covered in webs from above! Thankfully Benus managed to quickly burn away the fine silk attaching the webs to the massive spider spinning them from above. Once again we were fortunate, but these dark woods are beginning to worry us all.

Entry #3:
Our luck must certainly seem dire indeed. Our trek further into the woods produced another stunning discovery – a twelve foot tall troll! By the ancient gods, what in the Nine Hells are we walking into? This started out as quite the battle, as the large creature’s nasty claws ripped through more than one of our hapless group, but things turned when one of us realized the usefulness of fire. The flames seemed to possess an inate ability to stop the troll’s regeneration qualities.

Entry #4:
Thankfully we’ve managed to escape the Tangelwoods, having come across a hidden cave late in the day. Its entrance was hidden behind some trees and brush. Several goblins and a wolf were hiding inside, but we took them out quickly. Several of our group are badly injured. We discovered another chamber deeper within, but there was little time to inspect these further reaches, as numerous barbed arrows came firing out of the darkness. It appeared as though we were pinned down, and in great danger, until Moonglum dropped them all into a peaceful slumber with a few of his strange incantations. Amazing!! We’ve now slit all the little bastards throats, and piled their bodies in front of the newly discovered door at the back of the cave. We are now hoping for a much needed rest.

Entry #5:
Benus seems to posses a rare ability to heal significant wounds with nothing but a short prayer, and has been doing so on a regular basis since we’ve met. This has proved invaluable to us all, and it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It reminds me of ancient legends of the past, but I have not worked up the nerve to ask him how he does this. Neither have any of the others as far as I know. Mysterious to say the least!

Entry #6:
Beyond the door we discovered a narrow tunnel leading into the darkness. Savannah crept ahead to scout the area before signaling the rest of us to advance. More goblin’s inside. We are trying to avoid detection as none of us has any idea of how many of the little buggers might inhabit the area. Killed a few that appeared to be on guard duty perhaps? Found a large chamber nearby, animal furs scattered upon the chamber floor making up what appeared to be a makeshift bed. Inside another seven foot tall bugbear stood with a particularily nasty grin on his face. Thankfully there were enough of us to gang up on the oversized oaf. I would hate to take on such a powerful creature in such close quarters alone! We are now taking a short rest, and searching the area. We must now decide if this is a good place to set up camp for the night, but we can’t help but wonder what might dwell deeper within…



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