Mysteries & Myths

Death & Despair (Episode 51)

Moonglum’s Journal
Entry #1
Having made our way through the dilapidated ground level crypts and the actual family crypts of the Ambergul family we eventually found ourselves face to face with Alycia Ambergul herself, or should I say the deathly embodiment of what was left of her. It was the deep red glowing of her eyes that gave me pause. I have seen eyes like that before. More than once the searing gaze of Tyrus gazed upon me, and her eyes looked eerily similar to his. Was she also a lich? Or something different? At somewhat of a loss, and not wanting to reveal the spellbook that I had found in her personal crypt I held up the iron amulet and asked if it was hers. And surprisingly, after telling us we were free to roam as we wished if we gave her the amulet, she spoke with us at length. We asked her many questions, about the crypts beyond, her families history, Darwa and of course about the earth shrine we were looking for. She had seen Darwa, but hinted that things may not have ended well for her. She told us much about her family, and that the rest of these crypts were more of a dungeon, a hobby of her late husband. She also mentioned that her daughter had been cursed and lived within the dungeon below. Regarding the earth shrine, she called it the Alter of Ogramach and said it was within the dungeon as well but little more. It was an interesting encounter and we were all a little nervous leaving her behind us, but did not want to press the issue so we eventually too our leave and headed to the north and put ourselves to the task of exploring Reynard’s dungeon.

Entry #2
To hell with exploring the passage to the north! Getting past the portcullis did not prove too difficult, it was what followed. Some of the party proceeded cautiously since we could see a large statue of a red dragon at the end of the hall and it gave us pause. But while we focused on that some strange creatures, perhaps flesh golems, emerged from an alcove filled with a strange mist. We actually dealt with them rather quickly but, then as Mortiran investigated a large urn in another alcove he pushed off the lid and suddenly the dragon statue started spewing forth a great cloud of scalding steam. Luckily I was not in the hallway. All attempts to stop the steam failed, so we begrudgingly headed south.

Entry #3
What is it with people who make dungeons and statues? Shortly after getting past the portcullis that blocked the southern passage we found three lifestyle statues of minotaurs around a wooden cart. The rest of the party has grown so fearful that every statue is a trap so they are taking great precautions proceeding down the hallway. I have had enough of this slow going however, so I will continue my entries later and speed this up. Besides, if Darwa and her band have been this way, what dangers could still be in our path?



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